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Eleven peak hotel booking two weeks ahead of Shanghai hotel average price to rise

Date: 2017-09-07

"11" coincides with the Mid-Autumn festival this year, ctrip, according to data related to the "11" domestic hotel booking before and after the peak in August 22, began to appear, and the peak period of the previous two years on September 5th or so commonly, almost 2 weeks in advance.

Accommodation, the heat of the route comprehensively, Shanghai, Beijing, chengdu at the destination.Single look from popular destination accommodation, nanjing is the biggest dark horse, in recent years for the first time during the National Day in the top three, bookings rose more than five times.According to data, including Shanghai, chengdu, hangzhou, and other popular destinations hotels average since September 30th appears to rise, the price of three days before the "11" year-on-year growth in 1 into left and right sides.

With rising prices, passengers can now find some surprises on ticket prices.For example, for passengers from yantai to Shanghai on October 3rd course average price than the same period last year down about 3;From chongqing flights to Shanghai on the day and also about 2 as compared to the average price decline.