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The Louvre group CEO: mid-range hotel competition is a good thing that the market profit

Date: 2017-11-28

"The Louvre and jinjiang bidirectional interface between other hotel reservation system has been completed, we are trying to improve membership plan, in order to plan matching with jinjiang and platinum tao members."The Louvre group CEO Pierre - Frederic Roulot in an exclusive interview with 21st century economic report revealed the Louvre and the latest progress of jinjiang integration.
With the advantages of big shareholders resources, the Louvre since 2017 began in China's hotel market power in an all-round way.Not long ago, the Louvre brand YuJinXiang officially opened the first hotel in Shanghai in China, executives and investors around the Louvre group will also be called to the Shanghai, held a global investors meeting.
Jinjiang stake in 2015 completed the Louvre group's strategic investment.Louvre group is Europe's second hotel group, 7 big brand, owned and managed by the hotel distribution more than 60 countries around the world.According to 21st century business herald reporter understanding, at present jinjiang shares is at a critical stage of internal integration, formed during the first half of the Shanghai jinjiang Louvre Asia hotel management co., LTD., the company in our future and jinjiang is the Louvre is a brand in China and comb the development of the asia-pacific region in detail, including the Louvre "Campanile", "Golden Tulip" into the "platinum" and "YuJinXiang" within the territory of brand will become the focus of future development, the future of jinjiang, jinjiang city brand will also through the Louvre is introduced into the European market.
Kang platinum two stores have opened in Shanghai in 2016 and 2017 respectively.YuJinXiang Pierre, according to the next five years in the whole goal in the asia-pacific region is 300.
Jinjiang shares (600754. SH) in the third quarter results show that the Louvre group in the first three quarters of flat, operating income of 380.75 million euros, belong to the net profit of 24.41 million euros.
The 21st century: jinjiang after the acquisition of the Louvre, the Louvre group operations?
Pierre: in 2016, jinjiang completed in the first years after the Louvre acquisition) our opening ratio (total number of new hotel/hotel) reached 8%, and the Hilton, marriott flat, slightly below the wyndham (9%).And other large chain hotels that are less than 8%.Set up shop in 2017, our new development proportion is expected to a record high, our hotel layout to expand to seven countries on four continents.
Our international strategy is the "area" regional key city layout and the global market, by expanding the new project of acquisition and merging other brands expand.For example in January spent 33.164 million euros (about 247 million yuan) to buy the Indian hotel chain Sarovar74 % of equity, India has occupied the first hotel of the market.
Localization is one of our development strategy, that is, understanding the local guests, in collaboration with local partners to recruit local staff.In addition to development projects, we also can develop employees through talent exchange project, the training program will cover all rank, in addition to management, waiter, chef rank has a chance to, where to study.
We have developed various kinds of service for China, as a means of payment (unionpay, alipay, micro letter to pay), features (e.g., a Chinese breakfast), access to China due to platform.
"21st century" : please introduce the Louvre to introduce Chinese brands, what are the standard location and screening on each owner?Jinjiang shares owned by domestic brands will output to other countries through the Louvre?
Pierre: our two brands in China's development is kang platinum and YuJinXiang respectively, Vienna is responsible for the development of the Louvre Kyriad hotel brands in the end.The brand target customers are business travellers.First of all, in order to expand the two brands in the Chinese market awareness, we will be looking for in a second line city next to the main office center, the CBD area, airport, conference center, etc.Then, we will be in three or four line city looking for the same type of regions.
Plan on introducing jinjiang city international market, we hope that we can be born global capitals as soon as possible.China's outbound tourism developed, 10% of the global hotel market customers outbound tourists from China.Their spending power is strong, the average weekly cost 6000 euros in France.And Chinese tourists abroad would be choose the familiar brand in China, that is why choose overseas.
Jinjiang city first store opened in Paris next year, after that will be in London, dubai, Moscow, "area" all the way along the city gradually fall to the ground.
"21st century" : the Louvre's brand in China is given priority to with in the end, but in fact, at present the mid-market become very bullish on investors and hotel management group have also speed up the layout of a market, and the international high-end hotels downwards into the midrange, budget hotel chains and layout in the end, there are many specialize in the hotel, the Louvre how to cope with competition?
Pierre: it is good to have competition in fact, the market profit.China hotel market need to create brand differentiation and design products for customer preference, this also is the main reason that we want to enter the Chinese market.Kang platinum, for example, its brand characteristic is for customers to create a happy memorable moment, the hotel is used to enjoy, not sleeping, so we reinvent the public areas of the layout, build a more broad space, in these public areas will be activities and social.