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Stock of real estate business value This hotel is more likely to become a critical point

Date: 2017-12-20

2017, according to data from the annual report of China commercial real estate development in the first half of 20 major cities of the country's commercial property stock up to 137 million square meters, up 16% from a year earlier, expected the stock of 162 million square meters.How to upgrade the stock assets, with the power of operation management to motivate business value, is the key to the developers and investors can revitalize the assets, has become a commercial real estate industry of new questions.

Although the commercial real estate huge stock of inspired rent the apartment, combined the rise of emerging formats such as office space, but for commercial real estate, hotel is always most close cooperation partner, on the one hand, the hotel can bring a steady stream of traffic and commercial real estate spending power;In commercial property, on the other hand, the archives mouths of seeking transformation, form is more and more rich hotel scene also poses a higher value and infinite possibility.

From live to play, what kind of hotel can lead your way of life?

Way of life has become the standard of modern hotel, in this era of emphasis on experience, what can bring the guest hotel outside of the hardware facilities are becoming more and more important.In other words, now has more than hotel, and become the satisfy consumer needs a scene.